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Good writing takes time



Your message deserves focused attention.

Your message deserves focused attention. But good writing takes time and talent...

Fortunately, I’ve got a bit of both.

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Meet David Eso, Ph.D.

A literal Doctor of Letters

I’m a certified word nerd, here to refine and amplify your message. 

Businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, and writers turn to me for support and collaboration. Their projects gain creativity and clarity, thanks to my contrasting areas of expertise: Canadian literature and technical communications.

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You Have great ideas
but it's not the thought that counts
You need powerful words that inspire!

By carefully crafting language, Fine Line Edits boosts confidence in your content and communications.

No time to write exactly what you need to say?
Looking for an outside view on your high-stakes messaging?
Want to build good habits for writing effectively and efficiently?

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Feeling stuck on what you need to say and how to say it best?
Let’s work together to craft enticing, effective messaging that stands out.

I can help

• website content
• brand guides
• listings
• blog posts
• fresh bios
• speeches
• policies
• brochures
• ad copy
• your stuff

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• grant applications
• white papers
• social media
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Testimonial: His left brain and right brain seem to fire on all cylinders
testimonial: he's creative, knowleedgeable, and deeply serious about his work


If words capture attention and move people to act, you can bet they’ve crossed the desk of a professional editor.
I think hard, so your audience doesn’t have to.

I can help

• website content
• brand guides
• marketing
• fresh bios
• reports
• articles
• speeches
• online courses
• manuscripts

Ask me for referrals

• grant applications
• social media
• localization
• indexing
• baby names


The less you know about putting words to work, the more you’ll face the same struggles every time you sit down to write.
Let’s advance your skills and build a clear understanding.

I can help

• basic grammar
• paragraph structure
• correct punctuation
• strategic approach
• readable style
• information delivery
• smooth transitions
• genre expectations
• self-assessments

Ask me for referrals

• research plans
• fact checking
• citation styles
• publishing
• ESL lessons
testimonial: He always seems to know just the right tweak to make everything flow the way I want
Heath Bolster

“David Eso’s editing has enhanced the professionalism of many reports and proposals for my company. He has worked with a raft of our technical documents, catching incidental errors and offering innovative improvements. We’ve been especially grateful for his ability to work with quick turnaround times.”

-Heath Bolster
Bolster Consulting Ltd.

“Dr. Eso provided feedback on several academic articles that I co-authored. His editing added nuance to arguments and flagged points that needed more detail and clarity. I was very impressed with his ability to work far outside his own speciality of literary criticism.”

-Helena Daudt, PhD
Director of Education
Pain BC

“David Eso is a consummate editor. His left-brain and right-brain seem to fire on all cylinders at the same time, making him an ultimate pragmatist and an ultimate visionary.”

-Jeanette Lynes
USask., Dept. of English

“David has a real knack for finding the right phrase for the job. As a Real Estate agent, I’ve relied on him to create listing descriptions from scratch and also to solve particular problems with my own writing. He always seems to know just the right tweak (small or big) to make everything flow the way I want.”

-Kris Gower
Gower Smith Real Estate Team

“I know Dr. Eso to be a diligent, enthusiastic, and eminently capable editor from our close work together on the Malahat Review. He’s creative, knowledgeable, and deeply serious about his work.”

-Micaela Maftei, PhD
Camosun College, Dept. of English

Technician + Artist = Craftsman

Back around the year 2000, I accidentally launched a career in the Canadian literary scene. Performing, publishing, organizing… whoops! Next came technical documentation, a ten-year sentence in academia, and eventually the lively world of business writing.

Whether you’re talking internal documents or marketing materials, I love the tone of breezy enthusiasm that makes good business writing so easy to read.

Leverage decades of practice with English grammar, usage, and style. Draw from a strategic creativity partner to enhance your writing’s personality, precision, and impact. Collaborate with a helpful expert who brings open communication and natural curiosity to every project.

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