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How confident do you feel about writing for an audience?
Enlist a trained eye to spot errors and suggest improvements.
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I draft high-quality content from scratch.
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Putting ideas to work on the page, from establishing structure to polishing your final version.

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The art and science of revising written content to improve style, clarity, grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure, and tone.

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Develop your talent for written composition with personalized instruction. Create strong content and express yourself with confidence!

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Why hire a professional?

Peace of Mind

All professional writers have their work carefully edited. Editors ensure your message is crystal clear. Rest easy knowing your writing meets professional standards.

The Value of Time

Writers and editors efficiently bring documents to their final state. Our support allows you and your staff to focus on your own areas of expertise.

Your Image Matters

Polished communications demonstrate care and reliability to the reader. Conversely, even minor writing mistakes look sloppy and undermine professionalism.

David Eso, PhD

I developed my craft as a technical and creative writer, literary scholar, and editor of speeches, articles, business documents, and book-length publications.
Training from the English departments of UBC, UCalgary, and UVic fine-tuned my talent for written composition. Crafting language for businesses or individuals excites me, because I learn about and contribute to the pursuits of my valued clients.
I live in Victoria, BC with my wife and young daughter. Hobbies include making tasty meals for the family; pursuing a decidedly amateur sports career; and attending local events.
“David Eso is a consummate editor. His left-brain and right-brain seem to fire on all cylinders at the same time, making him an ultimate pragmatist and an ultimate visionary.”
-Jeanette Lynes

USask, Dept. of English

Communicate Expertise, Convey Integrity

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“He’s creative, knowledgeable and deeply serious about his work.”
-Micaela Maftei, PhD

Camosun College, Dept. of English