Our coaching services will improve your techniques in written composition and public speaking. We deliver engaging and customized training, in one-on-one or small-group settings. Rather than create writing or presentation exercises for educational purposes, we work with your industry-specific documents and speeches. This approach maximizes the impact of training time. Your skills will improve alongside the specific materials you need to deliver.

Written Composition Skills

•addressing the audience strategically

•understanding basic grammar and sentence structure

•expressing points in an efficient, impactful manner

•varying sentence lengths for maximum readability

•arranging and transitioning between paragraphs

•assessing one’s writing for habitual shortcomings

Public Speaking Skills

•controlling nervousness and appearing confident

•speaking naturally and varying inflection

•balancing performance with professionalism

•engaging an audience with eye contact and gestures

•finding an appropriate pace for information delivery

•speaking without a script

Communicate Expertise, Convey Integrity

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“David Eso’s editing has enhanced the professionalism of many reports and proposals for my company.”
-Heath Bolster

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