Fine Line Edits offers two basic forms of consulting services, described below. These services can be modified to meet any client’s particular needs.

Communications Audit

In this service offering, our editors review a range of written materials, both internal and public-facing. Based on findings, our advice will help clients streamline communications, repair discrepancies, and fill in gaps. This process ensures that all communication channels maintain the organization’s fundamental identity.

Style-Guide Consultation

Developing a Style Guide means setting policies for citation, punctuation, capitalization, and formatting. Presenting your information in a consistent manner conveys professionalism and reliability. The custom guides we create address messaging, style, and the many ways a brand expresses its personality in print.

Click here for an example of a Style Guide, one aimed at authors submitting to a literary journal.

Like the example above, Fine Line Edits’ Style Guides cover technical matters, such as punctuation, capitalization, and citation. Additionally, they address writerly choices related to genre, mood, and tone, which most Style Guides do not consider. Our recommendations help you express your brand’s identity with every document.

Communicate Expertise, Convey Integrity

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“David Eso’s editing has enhanced the professionalism of many reports and proposals for my company.”
-Heath Bolster

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