Strengthening Your Voice

My revisions help realize the potential of what you have written—by clarifying meanings and enhancing their expression.

Working line by line, I can draw from the precision of technical communication; the depth of academic knowledge; the vividness of literary imagination; or the tone of breezy enthusiasm that makes business writing so easy to read.

Editors address issues related to:

  • Style
    Adjusting for an engaged, appealing voice
  • Clarity
    Removing ambiguities, enhancing precision
  • Grammar
    Applying the rules of Standard Written English
  • Punctuation
    Checking over each dot, dash, and squiggle
  • Spelling
    Catching errors that automated spellcheckers will miss
  • Structure
    Reordering to improve the pace information delivery
  • Tone
    Helping you sound credible, intentional, and engaging

A+ editing skills:

  • • A keen eye for detail: eliminating errors in logic, grammar, and punctuation;
  • • Advanced techniques for structuring arguments and delivering information;
  • • Arranging phrases and varying sentence lengths for maximum readability;
  • • Always selecting the right terms for the job; and
  • • Assuring complete, cohesive messaging by adding context or shifting emphasis.

Communicate Expertise, Convey Integrity

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“He always seems to know just the right tweak (small or big) to make everything flow the way I want.”
-Kris Gower
Gower Smith Real Estate Team