Fine Line Edits improves business, technical, academic, and literary documents. We make revisions according to plain-language principles, consistently delivering straightforward and reader-friendly sentences.

Our company's name comes from line editing, which denotes massaging language and making improvements. Line editors give their clients original additions, suggested deletions, corrections of errors, and improvements on structure and tone. Feedback of this kind is also called stylistic editing, and we take care to work within each author’s unique style. You want a stronger voice, not a different voice!

While specializing in line editing, we also offer developmental editing for documents or speeches still in-progress. Additionally, clients can request copy editing: i.e., scanning final drafts for any errors in spelling or grammar.

Our editors address issues related to:


Making sure your writing is lively


Removing ambiguities, enhancing precision


Ensuring the rules of written English are followed


Placing helpful signposts along a document’s pathways


Catching errors that electronic spell-checkers will miss


Pacing and reordering to improve information delivery


Making the writer’s voice consistent, polite, and engaging

Additional Services

•original writing
•conducting research
•translation: English to French and French to English

Communicate Expertise, Convey Integrity

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“David Eso’s editing has enhanced the professionalism of many reports and proposals for my company.”
-Heath Bolster

Bolster Consulting Ltd.