Clarify Your Vision

When your expert knowledge combines with my talent for communicating, we create unmatched written content that gets results.

My ghostwriting process follows these steps:

  • • Ask targeted questions about your core message and intended audience;
  • • Conduct peripheral research to learn what others say about your subject;
  • • Create a structure that fits your ideas, and plan transitions between sub-topics;
  • • Draft content that illuminates your concept and echos your style;
  • • Then, edit rigorously until your words will hold attention to the end.

Recent work:


Communicate Expertise, Convey Integrity

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“David Eso is a consummate editor. His left-brain and right-brain seem to fire on all cylinders at the same time, making him an ultimate pragmatist and an ultimate visionary.”
-Jeanette Lynes
USask, Dept. of English